Himalayan Persian Cats

The Himalayan or Himmie for short is a Persian that were originally crossed with a Siamese to provide the colour points and blue eyes.

These are beautiful cats. The Himalayan remains one of the most popular breed of cat in the world.

The Himalayan Persian is a very sweet, docile and quiet breed. They are an ornament to any home enjoying lap sitting, chasing toys and being brushed.

They are very affectionate, sedate cats who prefer quiet surroundings reserving their attention to family members whom they feel they can trust. Himmies have a sweet expression, round eyes, short nose, small eyes, muscular body (coby), legs are short as is the tail.

The most important thing to understand about caring for a Himalayan is the need for daily grooming. Regular bathing and thoroughly combing is a good idea as a beautiful coat does not stay clean and tangle free on its own. Excessive tearing can be a problem with this breed, wipe the corners of the eyes to avoid staining. They are best suited to an indoor only cat.

The Himalayan is bred in the following point colours - chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, red, seal tortie, cream tortie, blue cream, chocolate tortie, seal tabby, blue tabby to name a few. The body is various shades of white to fawn with colour only on the facial mask, the feet, ears and tail. Eyes are blue. Himalayans aren't the best choice for a houseful of boisterous children and dogs. They are happy to be the object of gentle attention, with a friendly dog who doesn't chase them or cause anxiety.